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XTC in smartshop


It should be possible to sell XTC in smartshops. That is the conclusion of research by the scientific agency of Dutch political party GroenLinks.

The current drug policy causes a danger to society, according to the political party. The war on drugs would cost too much time, effort and money.

That is why it should be made possible again to buy shrooms in a smartshop. Now, that is a good idea! But maybe the party is a bit over-enthousiastic when the say they also want XTC to be sold in the same way. Okay, there is still no proof that XTC-use will harm you (see the news on our site ‘XTC-use not harmfull?’), but should we really sell synthetic drugs in a smartshop?

Maybe those pills can also be sold at the pharmacy. Now they are already selling medical weed, this should also fit their product range. But maybe you have got a better idea. Then put it on our forum (or try the link at the top of this page).

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