BlogJudge decides: Mushroom ban is justified
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Judge decides: Mushroom ban is justified


This morning the Dutch court has decided that the ban on magic mushrooms will go into effect as of 1 December after all. The VLOS (the national association of smartshops) tried to fight the decision in court only a few days before it would go into effect, but their arguments were ignored by the judge. So far no detailed explanation for the judge’s decision has been given, but spokesman of the VLOS, Paul van Oyen, replied that they might appeal to the higher court in a final attempt to undo the ban.

This means that as of December 1, it will no longer be possible for the Dutch to buy fresh mushrooms at smartshops. A big leap backwards for a country that once had a progressive drug policy. Most politicans still seem to be oblivious to the increased risks that this ban brings along , such as the chance of people consuming poisonous mushrooms, dosing wrong due to lack of (objective) information, etcetera.

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