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Mushroom ban official?


According to Dutch newspaper AD the long postponed ban on magic mushrooms will go into effect on December 1. It is unsure where this information came from, as no official announcements have been made yet, not even on the website of the Lower House.

However, a new article in Het Parool confirms that the Dutch queen will sign the law into effect this week after which it will be communicated to the public.

Before the summer recess the cabinet already decided that fresh mushrooms should be listed as schedule II drugs, but at the time the ban could not be established yet, due to the large number of questions posed by members of the parliament. It remains unclear whether Health Minister Ab Klink will personally remove all liberty caps (what’s in a name) growing in the wild. After all, psilocybin containing strains will be illegal after the ban.

We will keep you posted on any developments regarding this matter.

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