BlogMandatory shroom diploma for Dutch mushroom vendors
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Mandatory shroom diploma for Dutch mushroom vendors


Shroom vendors in Amsterdam must pass for a mandatory exam which will test their knowledge of shrooms as well as their social skills. Only shopkeepers with a shroom diploma will be allowed to sell the tripfungus. This is proposed by the Dutch smartshop organization, called the VLOS, which wants to develop this exam. The shroom exam is one of the proposals aimed at regulating the sale of hallucinogenic mushrooms. That regulation should turn the tide of the possible ban on shrooms which might go into effect later this year.

The organization suggests Amsterdam brings down the number of vendors to half. Currently there are approximately 50 shops selling shrooms [most of them not members of the VLOS, and not at all informed about entheogens, CM]. This approach should be applied to Amsterdam, because it's only in this city where there are problems with tripping tourists.

Amsterdam should be allowed to try out this approach for one year to prove that regulating the sale of mushrooms works. A ban isn't necessary, the certified smartshops say.

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