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Ban on mushrooms irreversible


As a result of the recent one-sided, negative media-coverage and populist politics the mushroom has been banned in the Netherlands. The sale of dry and fresh mushrooms is now illegal.

In recent months we did in fact stop selling fresh mushrooms. For now we limit ourselves to the sale of grow kits and mushroom cultivation accessories. The long term consequences for the sale of these cultivation products are still unknown.

Minister of Public Health Ab Klink presented this proposal last Friday; according to him 'consumption of mushrooms may lead to life threatening incidents'. Although recent scientific research presents different conclusions the minister states that even normal use provokes unpredictable and therefore risky behaviour. According to the cabinet most European countries have a similar legislation. Strong arguments, don't you think? The Netherlands were once a leading nation when it comes to progressive drug policies, but now we're right on our way in becoming Europe's tamest sheep.

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