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The World Psychedelic Forum in Switzerland

11-03-2008 - 1 Comments

March 21 2008 scientists and therapists from all over the world will gather in Basel for a four day seminar on the subject of empathogenic, entactogenic and entheogenic substances. Among the speakers will be the discover of LSD Albert Hofmann, visionary artist Alex Grey, psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, anthropologists Christian Rätsch and Jeremy Narby, and numerous other authors, shamans and consciousness researchers.

The Azarius staff will be there as well to learn about the latest developments in these different fields of psychedelic research. We have been given permission to conduct private videotaped interviews with the different scholars present, which we will share with you in due course, so stay tuned, especially at Azarius TV.

There are still tickets, so if you are interested, visit to book one for yourself!


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