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Tea cleanses the veins of women

20-02-2008 - 5 Comments

Women who drink a lot of tea have a smaller chance of ending up with clogged arteries. Tea seems to lower their risk of getting a heart disease or circulatory problems.

A large scale study conducted in France has revealed that drinking three cups of tea daily keeps the arteries clean. Women's arteries, that is. The positive effects did not occur for men; the researchers have not yet determined why this is so.

A total number of 4.000 women around the age of 79 have been studied. Amongst those who did not drink any tea, 44 percent had plaque in their veins. Amongst those who drank more than three cups of tea a day this percentage was 33,7.

The study did not attempt to determine which types of tea have a positive effect on the veins. It seems tea in general is capable of dissolving fatty deposits and other types of plaque.


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