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Ban on Magic Mushroom too easy


The Hague - In his decision to ban shrooms Minister of Health Ab Klink has too easily brushed aside the recommendations of his own research committee. He had 'no solid arguments' says the parliament's own Bureau of Research and Government Expenditure (BOR).

The Coordinationpoint Assessment and Monitoring new drugs (CAM), the most important advisory organ for the Minister of Health, concluded in October that the use of shrooms posed such a low risk for individual health and society in general, that a ban would be unnecessary and undesirable.

Still minister Klink (of the Christian Democratic Party) stuck to his decision to ban them. He told parliament he considered his own advisory organ "insufficiently realistic." But according to the BOR "in his statements as to why his decision ignores the reasoning of the CAM, he doesn't use any solid arguments."


Update: Minister Klink has now responded to these statements of the BOR. Read his response here (Dutch): Kamerstuk, Februari 4 2008

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