BlogArticle on Psychedelic Therapy in Scientific American
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Article on Psychedelic Therapy in Scientific American


Scientific American recently published an elaborate overview of the current state of research into the therapeutic effects of psychedelics, including LSD, ibogaine, psilocybine, ketamine and MDMA. As the Entheogen Review noted: "This is a very positive article in an extremely revered and popular publication."

Indeed, the only individuals quoted in the article are reputed scholars like Rick Doblin, David Nichols, and Charles Grob. There's no attempt to pull in some kind of anti-psychedelic, "war on drugs" viewpoint, since the research seems to be so clear, and it's all approved research anyway. It's an encouraging read, which is a welcome contrast to the relentless flow of scare stories and casualty reports that the media typically chooses to hype.

Read the article here.

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