BlogDecision on magic mushrooms in two weeks
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Decision on magic mushrooms in two weeks


Dutch Minister of Public Health Ab Klink (CDA)will decide in two weeks on the legal status of psychoactive mushrooms. That he announced last Thursday.

Klink is considering a minimum age for those who buy them. Also the quantity of shops where mushrooms are available should be reduced. Tourists should be informed on the risks of mushroom (paddo) consumption.

According to GGD Amsterdam the quantity of so-called paddo-incidents has increased strongly over the last three years. But it seems this is only a problem in the city of Amsterdam. According to the national organisation for smartshops (VLOS) it has to do with the ever-growing flow of foreign visitors. They often spend not more than a weekend in the city, they are generally young and seek for a wild experience in the capital.

Minister Klink is considering under which law magic mushrooms should be regulated and whether a general ban is necessary.


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