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Cannabis fields against climate change?


Growing cannabis might be a contribution in fighting global warming. “Cannabis is the only plant that likes polluted air”, so says Sander who specializes in developing growing techniques for the cannabis growing community. A few years ago this Belgian suffered from a series of lord hemorrhage, but no medicine could bring back his health except for cannabis.

We are all familiar with the fact that trees filter the air of CO2 (carbon dioxide). Some scientists even state that mass tree planting would solve the climate problem completely. “But no tree is so eager to use a frequent dose of CO2 as the cannabis indica and sativa”, so says Sander. That is what they use for THC production. With extra CO2 in the air the THC level which is usually around 8%, may increase up to 15%. And, the plants are too busy absorbing CO2 that they hardly take on other toxins such as cannabinoïds.

Considering the Kyoto climate agreement, Sander is thinking about guerilla actions. Like planting weed illegally in out-lying, hidden places. The government should consider cannabis fields as an alternative to buying fresh air elsewhere in the world. As they were actually planning to in order to achieve the goals of Kyoto.

Source: Highlife Magazine
Image: Wikipedia Sweden

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