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Music shop survey results


The past few weeks we've been gathering your ideas around Azarius setting up a music shop. We want to thank you for letting us know what kind of stuff you listen to while chilling, tripping or dancing and also for reminding us of the genres we forgot. Lots of people told us which artists they want us to include, which has also been very helpful in shaping the plans for the music shop. We were happy to find out that lots of it was already on our own wishlist as well!

As you can see in the chart, psytrance, chillout and reggae are the most appreciated genres, followed up by rock, drum 'n bass and techno. We won't forgot about the ones who voted for triphop, hiphop, world, classical and IDM, though. The people doing the prep for the music shop are carefully sifting and selecting audible gems at the moment.

We're expecting to have the CD's to accompany your psychedelics, stimulants, relaxants and aphrodisiacs online in the near future. We're confident the selection will be wide and varied enough to satisfy everyone around the globe, so keep an eye out to check if the shop is online!

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