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Salvia under fire


“You've probably never heard of Salvia, but chances are your kids have. They know about it, they know where to buy it, and how to use it. And, it's all legal.' This is about how the many news articles begin that still overflow the United States.

It is widely considered shameful that plant material that causes LSD-like hallucinations is legally available at several stores nationwide. Among others the news channels Wavy 10 and WGME News-13 went undercover to proof how easy it is for teenagers to get their hands on it. The names and locations of the stores that sell Salvia divinorum are mentioned, which heavily upsets a part of the audience. Parents are afraid their kids will head straight to these shops to purchase the drug.

Whether or not through this news flow, the sale of Salvia spread all over the United States, resulting in concerned politicians and others that care for their children’s safety. The Drug Enforcement Administration issued an official warning about the Salvia herb. In Louisiana Salvia is illegal, Delaware and Missouri made it a Schedule 1 drug and a whole list of others states had proposed legislation to control the sale and distribution of Salvia. That has already occurred in Finland, Denmark, Australia and Italy.

No word is to read about how Salvia interacts with your brains and body, its traditional use with the Mazatec Indians in Mexico, and the conditions that make Salvia use safer than alcohol. No doctors, shamans or (ethno) botanists are allowed to have their say, but so have State Reps that assure us they will do everything to make this dangerous stuff illegal.

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