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Nowadays, a range of ways in which to prepare ayahuasca is known in the West. We recommend the combination of Banisteriopsis caapi and the ‘new’ Chaliponga.

South American shamans grow and use this leaf for ages in order to prepare ayahuasca with them. It is a stronger alternative for the better known Chacruna, or Psychotria viridis. Chaliponga contains about five to ten times more alkaloids, among them DMT. Some tribes such as the Harakmbet, believe that one must ‘graduate’ to Ayahuasca with Chaliponga, after four or five regular ayahuasca-experiences.

Don’t forget that DMT cannot be consumed; or at least it will not produce psychoactive effects. Only combined with a MAO inhibitor, Banisteriopsis caapi for example, DMT causes a mind-altering experience.

Ayahuasca is known for its deep, spiritual, healing, but possibly scary to death trips. So be prepared and learn about ayahuasca before you start!

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