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Burning Man: a temporary different world


Burning man is incomparable with anything else. Burning man is inexplicable. You should have been there actually, this year from 28 August to 4 September. Still we would like to pay attention to this festival, which deserves it more than any other. A weeklong festival with lots of art, drugs, 30.000 people in the midst of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

Self-expression and inspiration are most essential. Out of nothing a complete city arises, and that’s where it all happens. At the gate, participants must agree to “leave no trace' when the festival is over.

The mix of survival, art, crazy outfits, seminars and all-night parties is often misunderstood. Brian Doherty, author of the book “This Is Burning Man' says: 'A lot of East Coasters look on it as stupid hippie indulgence, [but] Burning Man is one of the most interesting things on the American scene. It's attracting people from around the country and around the world.'

The first Burning man took place in San Francisco Beach in 1986. Last June the organization received permission to continue the festival at its current location, Black Rock Desert, for the next five years.

The 2007 edition will have “Green Man' as a theme. It “concerns humanity’s relationship to nature. Do we, as conscious beings, exist outside of nature’s sway, or does its force impel us and inform the central root of who and what we are?'

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