BlogProfessor explores connection between LSD and your brain's function
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Professor explores connection between LSD and your brain's function


Studies indicate that LSD may help treat alcoholism or improve the quality of life for terminal cancer patients, but historical taboos have hindered the psychedelic’s benefits.

Davis Nichols, professor of medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacy, said previous research by another institution explored the administration of LSD to end-stage cancer patients. Anxiety and physical pain were alleviated for a majority of the patients, and Nichols traced the relief back to a loss of the fear of death.

'The interesting thing about psychedelics is that they profoundly change the way one views the world,' he said. 'What part of the brain is so important that it can change the way we perceive reality? That’s what keeps me interested.'

The stigmas surrounding the use of psychedelic, however, has prohibited many hypotheses from developing. 'The industry isn’t interested', Nichols said 'No one has really cared much about these.'

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