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Just a few more days and then it is time again: millions of marijuana activists gathering on the street to protest the criminalization of cannabis. This annual worldwide event, known as The Global Marijuana March, takes place the first weekend of may, as usual.

This March is organized for approximately three decades by now and every year more countries participate. The website keeps track of the cities that will organize demonstrations. For now the site counted 194. Jerusalem, Tokio, Lima, Sydney, they all participate.

The coordination of the demonstrations is in most cases in the hands of national organizations (not seldom under the name Legalize!) that are aiming to ban drugs out of the criminal law. But if your country does not have a fanatics club like that, you are always able to organize something on your own. Under the title ‘How to put on a pot rally’ the website offers tips for the undertaking demonstrator.

Not every city council is as enthusiastic about the planned demonstration of the ‘legalizers’. In Moscow for example the March was banned three times in a row. This year though, the activists of the Russian Cannabis Legalization League are fed up. The recently wrote an open letter to the prefecture of Moscow’s central district to tell them that the March is going to be held anyway.

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