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Jesus the weeddoctor


Ever wondered why Jesus figures always have such smooth faces? Perhaps the reason for that could be that the saviour was a nibbler of his own medicine cupboard! For certain miraculous healings, Jesus and his disciples were using an ointment that held the ingredient Kaneh-bosem, or in English, a cannabis extract...

At least, that is what researcher Chris Bennet says in his article ‘Was Jesus a Stoner’, published in the drugs magazine High Times. According Bennet was the biblical figure an early proponent of the medical use of the soft drug. The Kaneh-bosem extract would also have been present in the ceremonial incense Jesus used.

Bennet quotes in his article a lot of book scientists to confirm its theory. He also brings in the New Testament to show that Jesus rubbed his disciples with the ointment and encouraged them to do the same to others. Bennet believes that use of the so-called weedointment could declare the mysterious disappearing of skin- and eye diseases as described in the Bible.

The denomination Kaneh-bosem is Hebrew and means literally translated ‘scented cane’. That this was really the name for cannabis can not be said with certainty. There are some other sources that are suggesting that Kaneh-bosem is the old denomination for calamus or even cinnamon. Bennet stays with ganja though and will even go up to that point saying that people who disapprove the use of cannabis can be considered anti-christs. Cause Christ was promoting the stuff himself, right?


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