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Cleanings hemp growers useless


The massive police raids at hemp growings in the Netherlands seem to be completely useless – a new survey reveals. The chance that offenders will be arrested is very small and the raids are extremely expensive.

The survey has been accomplished by Professor Frank Bovenkerk from the University of Utrecht and is called [translation: Hemp growing in the Netherlands, the problems of criminality and control]. It has been published recently.

The homegrown hemp business is an important economic activity in the Dutch society, according to Bovenkerk . He concludes that the organised crime in the Netherlands controls most of the hemp growth. Bovenkerk also suggests that the criminals exploit the socialy poor householders and that most of the lofts in these areas are full of seed-beds.

Adriaan Jansen, a scientist, says in Highlife Magazine that Bovenkerk is talking bullocks when he is suggesting that criminals mostly control the hemp growths. He believes that a lot of people are growing hemp to make a bit of extra money and are earning cash when the sell their harvest to a coffeeshop. Jansen thinks that Bovenkerk has read too many books about the American mafia.

Another of Bovenkerk’s conclusions is that the police and the Justice Department are fighting themselves. On one side they do not give any priority to these practices, but on the other hand they are trying to locate and clear up illegal hemp plantations.

However, as it was announced today, the social-liberal party D’66 will join the new-to-form Dutch government. This means that we can expect to grow as much cannabis in our back garden as we like within the next couple of years.

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