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Proposed legalization opium cultivation


VIENNA – The international think-tank Senlis Council for security and development launched a proposal to legalize and regulate the production of opium in Afghanistan. According to president Emmanuel Reinert, it should be possible for the (still illegal) opium poppy cultivation to serve the pharmaceutical industry.

Papaver is the raw material for heroine, but also teh basis for heavy painkillers such as morfine and codeine. Afghanistan is the world's leading producer, but the United States and the United Nations are willing to do anything to destroy the Afghan production. According to Reinert the legalization and regulation of the opium cultivation provides more perspective for farmers then the harsh treatment of the international community.

Reinert says that a system of licenses will give farmers the chance of a steady income; something that will only help the beginning Afghan democracy. In countries such as Australia, France, India and Turkey opium cultivation has been legal for years now. However, the production in these countries is too small to satisfy worldwide demand.

Source: De Telegraaf

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