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Kubby freed


SACRAMENTO – Medical marijuana pioneer Steve Kubby is a free man again. Kubby was forced to return to the United States from Canada earlier this year in relation with his conviction for drug possession. Kubby has served a third in total of his four-month sentence. He was released for his good behavior.

The Californian Kubby, who has used marijuana for over three decades to treat his rare form of adrenal cancer, fled to Canada in 2001 to escape a conviction he was given for his possession of mescaline and a psychedelic mushroom. Kubby claimed that the 120 days of captivity – in which he would not be able to smoke marihuana anymore – would become his death.

He repeatedly sought refugee status at the Canadian immigration service, but this appeal was definitely rejected in January. He was deported to his land of origin and but in jail after all.

Kubby's condition deteriorated considerable after he was sent to jail, and medical marijuana activists worried he would die. But he stabilized after be began using Marinol, a legal, synthetic form of THC, marijuana's psychoactive ingredient. He lost a lot of kilos in bodyweight but shortly after his release he said he gained respect for his jailers and the medical staff that had treated him.

Kubby still faces a March 14 hearing for failing to appear at his original sentencing five years ago.

Source: The Brooks Bulletin

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