BlogCats turn-on for humans as well?
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Cats turn-on for humans as well?


That the herbal plant Kucing Galak has a mysterious sensual attraction on cats is common knowledge by now. But the suggestion that it could have a same sort of effect on human beings is something new. Near Kangar, the capital of the smallest Malaysian state Perlis, research is now being held to define this possible new feature of the plant.

This research must determine if the plant is safe for human consumption. When this appears to be so then the plant, which grows well anywhere, may be a welcomed alternative to Tongkat Ali (a traditional herbal medicine used to increase the male sex drive) and ginseng. Next to that the Malaysian researchers are most of all curious why the plant causes the cats to moan and groan so much after smelling or eating it, often before mating.

The Malaysian state government has good hopes for a commercial future in cultivating of Kucing Galak. It supports the research with an appropriation of 2 million Malaysian Ringgit, converted around 530.000 dollar. And with the donation of a 40 hectare site for the growing of the herb.

In English Kucing Galak is better known as Copperleaf, Indian acalypha or Indian-nettle. In Latin as Acalypha indica. The ‘sappy’ family of the plant, Euphorbiaceae, is the same one whereto the rubber tree, candle nut tree and castor oil plant belong.

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