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How to make moon rocks (it's easier than you think)


“Moon Rocks” are a cannabis craze that are attributed to rapper/entrepreneur - Korupt. They remind me of artisanal chocolates in that they are a combination of different ingredients.

moonrock by Bill Griffin


You need three things to make a moon rock. Dried cannabis flowers, cannabis oil (or other sticky concentrate), and kief. You could go out and get the strongest of each you can find but if you are a cannabis connoisseur you may want to think about the combinations of ingredients you are using. For the best moon rock experience, you want flavours and smells that work well together.

What are the ingredients again?

The buds used for moon rocks will be a strain that is high in THC. High THC is typically above 20%.

Cannabis oil is extracted from buds or trim. Trim being the trichome covered leaves that are snipped off the buds as they are manicured for final presentation. It’s usually potent.

Kief, are the trichomes that have been separated from the flowers or leaves. It looks like sand. There are a few ways to harvest this. You can either dry sieve it - something some grinders do. The ones that catch the trichomes that fall from your weed as you grind it.

Another way to harvest kief is to separate it from the plant using iced water. Such as bubble bags or Ice-O-Lator. This is a quicker way to harvest more trichomes. It’s the first stage of making “bubble hash”.

"My face melted into nothing and I felt like my eyeballs were floating around the room without any head attached."

Are moon rocks a gimmick?

Some may argue that moon rocks are a gimmick. If you really want a lot of THC then you can consume the most potent of the ingredients - cannabis oil or other concentrate. When you add the bud and kief you are diluting the THC with plant matter.

If you are one to combust your cannabis then the combination of the three ingredients means you can consume in a way that you are used to (joint, blunt or bong) only a helluva lot more potent. 

What about “sun rocks”?

“Sun rocks” are the same as moon rocks except the ingredients are the best that you can get. It’s the gold standard of moon rock. These are going to be made by true artisanal cannabis producers.

My attempt at making a moon/sun rock

The trickiest part of making a moon or sun rock is obtaining the source material.

bud for moonrock by Bill Griffin

The bud

The bud I used is something special. Recently, I participated in the Home Grown Cup outdoor category. Participants each got a sample of all of the entries to judge. We, therefore, got a sample of the winning strain. In this case, the winner was Neville’s Haze - a strong sativa that connoisseurs love.


cannabis oil by Bill Griffin

The oil

The oil is from a Dutch Passion, Passion #1 plant. It’s an indica that is easy to grow outdoors. It’s fully organic, sun grown and I think it tastes and smells great - just like pineapple. I made a small batch of cannabis oil with pure isopropanol.


kief by BillGriffin

The kief

The kief I’m using is interesting. I only ever consume organic cannabis and if possible it will be sun grown. I’m in the very lucky position of being gifted some of the best cannabis available to review. So, the kief that is collected in my Dutch Passion grinder is pretty special stuff. The only thing letting it down is that it is a wild mix of strains.

bud plus oil by Bill Griffin

Putting it together

Making it was easier than I had anticipated. On a silicon mat, using a dab tool I pasted the bud in the oil (which I had heated with a hair drier to make it easier to work with). I then rolled the sticky bud in a dish of the kief and left it to rest on the mat.


oily buds plus kief by Bill Griffin

How does it smoke? (in fact, I vaped it)

This is where things got a bit tricky for me. I’d given up burning my cannabis a few years ago and switched exclusively to vaporizing - with no exceptions. So I had to vape my newly minted rock.

I have a lot of vapes but the one that is most up to the task of vaporising rocks is my Mighty from Storz and Bickel. I joke that it would actually vaporize real rocks. So this experiment gives it a chance to shine.

I chopped up a chunk of the rock with a sharp knife on a silicon mat. As per my previous experiments vaporizing hash, I protected my vape with a layer of hemp fibre. Once the hot convection air passes over my rock - things will get messy.

One other precaution I took was to make sure that my calendar was clear for the next eight hours. Having made this rock I know how much oil is on it. I also know how strong that oil is - having vaped it already in my PuffCo+. I can conclude this is a rock to be given the utmost respect.

It’s been said that Snoop Dogg finds Moon Rocks too strong. If he can’t handle them, then what chance have I got?

How was it?

As expected, my moon rock blasted me into space.

My face melted into nothing and I felt like my eyeballs were floating around the room without any head attached. The high THC gave me quite a boost of energy (mental and physical) and I paced around the house like a madman before being drawn outdoors.

 I started a brisk walk in the woods but it ended up being more of a sit on a fallen tree - listening to the birds and watching the trees swaying in the gentle breeze taking in how beautiful the world is and the wonders of being alive.


By Bill Griffin author of Easy Organic Weed.

All pictures copyright by Bill Griffin

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