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Our humble grinders - wood, acrylic or metal?


Well hey there. You clicked on this article, that’s great! You’re keen on knowing more of our weed grinders, and I’m here to tell you the ultimate reason to get one... convenience. Yes, convenience! Imagine you’re about to roll a sweet, simple joint, or maybe you have a bong with you ready to go. How else are you supposed to grind your buds into that consistency smooth enough to snort? (Not recommended, but you get the point!)

You see as the name suggests, grinders are designed to grind your substance of choice finely, for you to easily consume whichever way you’d prefer (joint, bong, or vaporizer). All this is done with a few simple turns of the specialized tool; the teeth or pegs within the grinder doing the trick. Whatever type of dry herb (cannabis leaves, buds, or tobacco), this tool makes breaking up the substance easier and is less time intensive than say, breaking it up with your hands or using scissors.

If you’re not using a shredder for you green, then you’re simply not getting the best experience and value from the herb you spent your hard-earned money on. With that being said, there are many types of grinders to choose from and it can quickly become confusing. Which is why you’re here! So without any further delay, here’s a simple introductory course on our types of grinders, the who’s, what’s, pros, and cons.

Wooden Grinders

Wooden grinders like our Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder or Ryot 1905 Rosewood Grinder Eye can easily be seen as the cool kids in town. There’s just something about the heft and feel of wood that appeals to many, especially with its unique, carved appearance.

Due to the intense workmanship of this type of grinder, they typically have only one compartment (no kief for you! But still a grinder worthwhile). Common problems include it being hard to clean, particularly when it becomes scratched with use as bacteria could grow within the scrapes (compromising the taste and quality of your bud).

Grinder Ryot 1905 Rosewood Eye

Overall - Hard to clean, but perfect for casual users who really value aesthetics.

Acrylic (Plastic) Grinders

Being the cheapest of the three, acrylic or plastic grinders are the most popular type of shredders. You can find them stacked in the most convenient places; gas stations in the United States, and coffee shops in the Netherlands. Acrylic grinders, however, encounters the same problems as wooden grinders when it comes to scratching; they’re also vulnerable to it.

But! This doesn’t stop acrylic grinders from being bought by eager stoners in need of a cheap and quick fix (*raises hand* guilty as charged). Common problems also include broken teeth and cracks, but this depends on the thickness of the plastic. On the brighter side though, they’re perfect for on-the-go situations and come in a variety of colours and designs. For example our Acryl Clear Grinder for the sleek and simple, or our Acryl Rasta Grinder for all you Marley lovers out there.

grinder acryl rasta

Overall: Easy, popular, and extremely affordable but as cheaply made as they are cost effective; additionally a great product for clumsy stoners who constantly lose small things.

Metallic Grinders

Often thought to be the best variety, metallic grinders come in many shapes, sizes, and colours (with or without a kief catcher). It offers the best performance as a majority of metal grinders are made from aluminium, with a smaller percentage being stainless steel or titanium-coated. Nevertheless, this means that the metal is very durable, you won’t find any broken teeth here!

The only thing about these shredders is that they’re commonly the most expensive, but that shouldn’t worry those looking for a top quality crusher. We also have metallic grinders that aren’t too much of a stretch: like our Dutch Passion Grinder or our Golden Grinder.

grinder metal oil

Overall: Best investment for quality that will last, but some can be on the more expensive side. (Oh and btw, kief catchers are an extra part of a grinder that separates kief from your flower. This gives us the opportunity to save a sprinkle of THC when it’s the end of the month and times are tough).

Conclusion: What type of grinder is for you?

With that you have the three types of grinders you can choose from our grinder headshop. I hope you’ve learned a thing or two today or got some inspiration to try one of these babies out! If you’re keen on learning more about this specialized tool, check out the references below. Keep your buds, smooth everybody, thanks for reading!


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Author: Sada Piqolette

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