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High and Paranoid: 11 tips to deal with 'The Fear'


Your state of mind, what you’ve eaten in the last few hours, the hours you’ve slept and countless other factors change the experience of getting high all the time. Not to mention that weed affects every smoker differently and the fact that there are hundreds of different strains out there. There’s nothing weird about feeling hungry and creative one time and socially energized the next while smoking the same strain. Just as it is possible to feel worried or rushed. But an extreme feeling of fear or paranoia can also happen with too high a dosage.

How to deal with paranoia when high? We have 11 easy tips for you.

1. It is likely that your paranoia will only be strengthened by repressing it. Try not to fight it. Paranoia is one of the most well-known side effects of smoking weed; it can happen to anyone and most importantly, it’s temporary and it’s okay.

2. The moment you’ve allowed your paranoia to be with you for a while you can start to take proper care of yourself. Drink a glass of water, not only because it’s good to hydrate but also because it cleanses the system and it might be nice to think you are literally flushing your fear away. And open a window. Fresh air is important.

3. Whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down, straighten your body and breath in and out a few times.

4. Eat some sugar. It won’t diminish the paranoia but it will very likely make you feel better for a while.

5. Taking care of yourself involves making sure you are at ease with your surroundings. This will also distract you from your own thoughts trying to smother you. Put on some music that makes you feel comfortable, put some new or extra clothes on, or take something off and dim the lights: bright lightning usually doesn’t mix well with weed and it tires the eyes. When present and willing, pet an animal. A purring cat might be nice to focus on and its warm fur soothes the panic. Actually, any soft material will do, as long as it feels good on your hands or skin.

6. THC makes your brain psycho-active and can kick-start paranoia. CBD will counter that. You can drop some oil on your tongue or put CBD e-liquid in an electronic cigarette.

yoghurt, bessen en cruesli

7. Eat something healthy! Yoghurt, nuts, fruit or veggies are great options.

8. Doing some simple physical exercises can help. Make yourself as tall as possible with your hands high in the air, or try to touch your toes or swing your arms around. Stretching is good and putting your muscles to work can feel nice.

9. Take a cold shower if it’s all getting too much. This reboots the nervous systems and leaves you feeling refreshed.

10. Express your fears - either to (some of) the people you’re with or call a friend. Air your worries or distract yourself by talking to them. You can ask if they want to call you back in half an hour to check-in.

11. Withdraw yourself and create your own world in your bed or out of your favourite part of the couch. Lay down and close your eyes, it doesn’t matter whether you fall asleep or not - resting works. A small reminder from an earlier tip: follow each breath in and out.

If you have the feeling you’re sensitive to the ‘paranoid high’ change the strain! Opt for a weed type with higher levels of CBD. You can always ask for advice in a coffee shop.

Author: Maud

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