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European drugs conference?


The Dutch government is unsure whether its soft drugs policy is popular in the rest of Europe or not. The Parliament asked for a European conference on this topic in April, because sympathy for the Dutch policy was said to be increasing.

According to minister Donner this is not true. He writes that “The Netherlands may not expect any resonance on any generous soft drugs policy. Not one member of the European Union says it supports our coffee shop policy'. This would make a conference unnecessary.

The parties PVDA and GroenLinks do not agree with the minister. Member of Parliament Halsema from GroenLinks says Donner only sent some notes, while he had to actively gain support for the conference. According to her, in many European countries support is to be found on local levels. As an example she mentions conferences organized by Maastrichts governor Leer, where Belgian and German delegates participated. It is unclear yet whether the government will force Donner to organize this conference.


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