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Sudden crime wave hits Azarius


Azarius, are you okay? Are you okay, Azarius? Well no, because we've been hit by, we've been struck by, a smooth criminal. Several in fact, including some of the biggest mobsters in American history.

Goodfellas tobacco pipes

Goodfellas is a brand of handmade wooden smoking pipes inspired by real-life American gangsters. Evocative names that once dominated the seedy underworld during the prohibition in America, now applied to vintage-styled smoking gear.

Goodfellas pipes are classy, refined and make you feel like a true gentleman or gentlewoman. Warning: Azarius cannot be held responsible for the sudden and near uncontrollable urge to break the law.

Check out the wooden pipe category in our headshop to see our brand new selection of criminally good smoking pipes.

At this price, they're an absolute steal!

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