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Psychedelics at Dutch universities


This month two Dutch universities pay attention to psychedelics.

Symposium - Academic research on psychedelics

Thursday 7 May student association Brainwave (neurosciences) organises a symposium in Utrecht about academic research on psychedelic drugs.

Speakers are Leon Kenemans, professor of Psychopharmacology at the University of Utrecht, Joost Breeksema, president of the OPEN foundation, and Mendel Kaelen, neuroscientist at Imperial College London.

The symposium focuses on the brain mechanisms of psychedelic substances and the relevance of contemporary research on psychedelics.

Lecture - Therapeutic and mystical potential of psychedelics

On Monday 18 May Joost Breeksema will also give a lecture at the University of Groningen on the therapeutic and mystical potential of psychedelics.

More information on both events can be found on the website of Stichting OPEN, that stimulates academic research into psychedelics.

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