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Global Drug Survey 2015


Contribute to the Global Drug Survey 2015!

The Global Drug Survey (GDS) is an independent non-profit organisation that collects information on world-wide drug use. It aims to become the largest and most credible source of current drug use data trends in the world.

Most drug users are driven by pleasure and the majority does not experience their drug use as a source of harm or distress in their lives. Still, a lot of drug use remains hidden. The GDS seeks to inform the wider drug using population about their use of substances in a way that is meaningful, relevant and useful.

The GDS is also becoming an indispensable source of information for all kinds of professional groups such as researchers, policy makers and harm reduction organisations. These groups are now able to provide support, information, education and health services based upon geographical evidence data.

Last year almost 80.000 respondents took part in the GDS. Maybe you were one of them? This year the organisation aims at a response rate of 120.000. The survey has been translated into 12 languages and media partners in 19 countries have been mobilised. You can help them reach their goal by filling in the questionnaire here.

Read more about the Global Drug Survey. Last year’s findings can be found here.

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