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New & available exclusively at Azarius: Utopia


Utopia opens the doors to a higher world, with colourful visuals and dreamy sensations. The wizards at Azarius have been secretly toiling away on this new psychedelic formula, the effects of which bring you in a utopian state of mind.

Utopia is intended for the veteran psychonaut, as the capsules contain a potent combination of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) extract and Hawaiian baby woodrose.

This whombo combo has two effects. First, you'll feel a mellow kind of relaxation. Then the psychedelic side kicks in and it's the synergy between the two that makes it such a pleasant trip.

Utopia opens you up to a different way of thinking, colours will be more intense and you'll experience closed-eye visuals. Kratom relaxes you and provides a smooth body high effect, eventually leading to a utopian feeling. It's recommended for a walk in the park or making deeper connections with your friends.

Utopia is a strong psychedelic with clearly noticeable effects and that's why it's recommend for the more experienced mind-travellers. Utopia is definitely not a party formula and we advise you to take the same precautionary measures as you would when taking sclerotia or mushrooms.

The ideal setting is at home or surrounded by nature; hanging on the couch with some good music on or in the forest with close friends. In short; a nice and not too busy setting. The trip will last between 5 and 6 hours.

Check out the Utopia product page to order this awesome new formula.

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