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Azarius reviews: the WISPR


Butane as a power source is perhaps a little unnerving, which is why the WIPSR could unjustly be overlooked. So, after sceptically fidgeting around for about five minutes and observing the machine like cavemen would an iPad, we turned on the WISPR in order to write this review. Sounding like a helicopter lifting off, the name of this vaporizer seems almost satirical. However, once in use the WISPR certainly meets all expectations. The vapour clouds are as you would wish them to be, the flavour remains fully intact, it fits nicely into your hand, it is very easy to clean and the heating time is quick.

The WISPR is a vaporizer that is actually very easy to use once you know how to use it. First you must press the button down to release the butane gas, after which it is important to click again almost immediately in order to ignite the flame. If you do not do this properly the entire gas reservoir could empty itself, though fortunately you can easily refill it (using only high quality butane!*). The WISPR is generally not very modest in its usage of gas and regrettably it will keep making these helicopter sounds each time it re-heats (which can be rather distracting during a conversation). Nevertheless, we at Azarius still support this retro-beauty in all its true quality.

*Make sure to use high quality butane gas only. This is often indicated on the canister with 'Near zero impurities' or 'Purified'. Recommended brands are: Colibri, Coleman, Ronson, Newport, Vector. Low quality butane has many impurities and will therefore release an odor.

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