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Just a few more days and then it is time again. Saturday, the 30th of July there will be another Legalize! on the Spui in Amsterdam. This annual event is all about a more realistic drugs policy and the criminalization of cannabis.

However, this year it will be the first time in the Netherlands that Legalize! is also a Drugs Information Day. At this day you get to know everything about cannabis - that is despite of a tolerant soft drugs policy still forbidden. Last year the soft drugs policy became much stricter, already.

What are the consequences if mushrooms are illegal? Is smoking cannabis really bad for your health? And what will happening with the coffee shops in the future?

But, also the ignorance about the possibilities of cannabis seeds and hemp plants. Most products could be made better for the environment with the use of the hemp plant.

Some speakers and entertainers at the event: August de Loor (Adviesbureau Drugs), Freek Polak (Stichting Drugsbeleid) VJ Micha Klein and DJ 100% Isis.

The 11 th Legalize will start at 14.00 and ends at 20.00.

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