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New website!

01-05-2007 - 3 Commenti

1 May 2007 is a historical day: Azarius' brand new website is online! We are very content with it yet and hope you like it just as much. Let us know by filling out this short survey.

We’d love to hear what you like about it and what could be better. Give it some thought because with your opinion you can win prizes. We also ask everyone who browses our site to report bugs and errors.

  • The five best new ideas or suggestions will be rewarded with Azarius products. The winning new idea will be rewarded with products of your choice, worth 250 euros. The following four best ideas will be rewarded with 50 euros of chosen products.

  • The five most helpful bug hunters will receive a nice waterpipe/bong.

How to start?
  • Have a look at our site introduction page, where all the new features are listed.

  • Be critical whenever you browse the website or place an order.

  • Leave your comments in our forum, where everyone can directly read them and respond. The prizewinners will be notified via email.

So take this chance and submit your ideas and all the bugs you can find in the forum!

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  • [deleted] 01-05-2007 19:40:54

    tha uk comment service, bro

  • [deleted] 09-05-2007 08:49:24

    nice nice

  • [deleted] 09-05-2007 08:50:12


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