BlogSo tiring: Americans freak out on Salvia
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So tiring: Americans freak out on Salvia


The overconcerned folks on the other side of the ocean have done it again: totally blowing things out of proportion. This time they equate cocaine, heroin and lsd with salvia divinorum! In an interview on CNN their medical correspondent dr. Sanjay Gupta tries to lure a professor of medicinal chemistry and pharmacology into saying that salvia should become illegal, preferably worldwide (as those Americans still think that they rule the planet, tssk!). Of course the dear fellow was too smart to obey dr Gupta’s wishes (he’s probably a fan of the hallucinating plant himself) and said that more research was needed (very diplomatic).
Dr. Gupta then blamed the internet for turning kids and adolescents into drug addicts: “One of the big concerns, and I think this comes up a lot nowadays, doctor, with the Internet and access to drugs like that. Children can get these drugs. Young adults can get these drugs.' So now it’s our fault.
When, for once, will the American society see that you cannot regulate everything and everyone?

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