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Drink simulates cocaine rush


The new energy drink ‘Cocaine’ has been a big success in the United States since its introduction and next month it will hit the British pubs and clubs. ‘Cocaine’ contains 3,5 times as much caffeine as a can of Red Bull. It promises a euphoric feeling and extreme energy during a maximum of five hours. It would also contain a substance that has a slightly anaesthetising effect on the throat.

The American media, anti-drugs organizations and parents have expressed their concerns. Although the drink does not contain real cocaine they are afraid that youngsters ‘will link it to the real stuff’. So says the Daily Star. The New York Times announces that council members in New York called for a boycott of the beverage.
The makers announce on their website that they consider young people not to be ignorant an uninformed as the liberal media think, ‘they understand the difference between an energy drink and a legally controlled drug’.

About the name the makers say: “Why beat around the bush?' Why not just call an energy drink what is already being alluded to.'

New York Times

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