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Stacker 4 (ephedra free)

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Informazioni sul prodotto

Stacker 4 is an extremely powerful fatburner! Your metabolism will be stimulated, you will not feel any hunger at all and you'll have lots of energy! This product is different from the other Stackers by its focus on losing many pounds within limited time.


This Stacker has a powerful effect because of its combination of green tea, caffein, pepper and yerba mate. These components strenghten each other and assure there won't be hungry feelings at all. Fatburning processes are stimulated just like ephedra does, but this formula has less impact on heart and bloodvessels. So a special diets is not necessary, but healthy food and enough exercise are essential for a fast and permanent result. This doesn't have to be a problem because Stacker 4 gives you such a boost: you'll feel energetic all day long.


1 capsule after meals, not more than 3 capsules per day. To minimize the chance for side-effects you can follow this on-off scheme: use Stackers for 5/6 weeks, then take a break from it for 2/3 weeks, use Stackers for 5/6 weeks again, and so on.


Green tea 60%, yerba mate (fruit), guarana, capsicum annuum (pepper), kola nut, Siberian ginseng and caffeine.


This supplement is not suitable for persons under 18. Consult your doctor when simultaneously using other substances or stimulating substances such as caffeine. Do not use when you have heartproblems; high bloodpressure; diabetes; glaucoma; or other intestinal problems. Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Do not take longer than one month to lose weight. Do not exceed daily dose.

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