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Smoking gear | Smoking papers, filter tips, lighters

Smoking paper

Quality smoking paper or rolling paper in all shapes and sizes for easy rolling…

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Filter tips

Unless you enjoy sucking ash or spitting out bits of tobacco, you'll probably…

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Unleash the element of fire at your bidding with our dizzying array of lighters,…

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Other accessories

Miscellaneous smoking accessories such as ashtrays, roach clips, cleaning…

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Smoking gear | Smoking papers, filter tips, lighters

A smoker's life is tough, there's so many things you need to have (and be able to find later) that it's incredibly easy to be missing one of the essentials. That's why our headshop is stocked to brim with all the smoking accessories you need to light up your cigarette, joint or other smoking device: smoking papers, filter tips, lighters and more.

Smoking may be considered bad for you, but not being able to smoke when you feel the need is infinitely worse.

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