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By: Chuka

Baby boomers love to talk about how things were better in the past: how life was a bed of roses, weed was better than it is now, ‘Apple’ and ‘Blackberry’ were just fruits, and Bugs Bunny was better than SpongeBob Squarepants. But seriously, were things really better in the past? The thing is, modern-day cannabis growers would like to disagree – a lot. There was a time when if you grew cannabis seeds, you had to pay extra attention to which plants were male and then remove them as quickly as possible. Then just as an immaculate conception, feminised seeds were born without male help, and now they ‘done change’ the game.

If you’ve ever savoured a joint, you owe the enjoyment to the fruits of the cannabis plant, but even more to the female of the species. You could either thank our lord and saviour Cthulhu for those feminised seeds, or you could just thank Dutch Passion founder, Henk van Dalen: who first introduced feminised cannabis seeds in the 1990s. Today, more than 95 per cent of all cannabis seeds sold are feminised.

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Flowering cannabis plant (picture credit: Don Goofy via Flickr).


Simply put, feminised seeds come from two females and produce female cannabis plants in 99% of cases.


Regular seeds are created by a male and a female plant. The pollen of the male pollinates the female, which then produces seeds. These seeds are called regular because they are produced in the "regular" natural way. Feminised seeds, on the other hand, are created by two female plants. One of the females is exposed to stressful conditions or certain chemical compounds to create pollen, which the other female then pollinates. Auto-flowering seeds come from a male and a female cannabis plant, at least one of which has auto-flowering genetics from cannabis species “Ruderalis”.


There really isn’t a huge difference between growing feminised seeds indoors and outdoors, other than the fact that there is more (natural) sun outdoors than there is indoors. Feminised seeds grow better in good sunlight, but most indoor growers are also able to provide their plants with the right amount of light if they have the right tools for it. 

Note: Due to legal ramifications, growing indoors won’t be an option for everyone in Europe. Please make sure your local legislation allows you to use additional equipment when growing indoors!

If you want to grow feminised seeds indoors, it is a possibility all year round under artificial light, but you just need some deeper knowledge and equipment for that. And those are things you may not have if you are a beginner. If you’re a beginner, growing your seeds outdoors may be the best option for you. You could grow them in pots or garden soil.

feminine cannabis plant, cannabis plant, planting cannabis seeds, feminised cannabis plant, feminised cannabis plant in a pot, growing your own feminised cannabis plant, indoor cannabis cultivation, indoor cannabis growing, cannabis growing tips, how to grow cannabis
Feminine cannabis plant (picture credit: Will Power via Flickr).


Growing feminised seeds indoors or outdoors is always a personal choice but outdoors seems to be the best bet, mostly because you have more space, which guarantees a higher yield.

So here are some tips for growing feminised seeds outdoors:

1. Location! Location! Location!

Location is very important when it comes to growing feminised cannabis seeds. The location should provide enough sunlight, healthy/fertile soil that it is not too moist for the young plants. The more sun, the better for the plant.

2. Rain Water Please!

Rainwater is the best way to water your seeds/plants. Give your seeds enough water but do not drown them. If you give them too much water, the roots will be wet constantly and this can make it difficult for them to grow.

3. What’s Good for the Nettle, is Good for the Feminised Seed!

Pay close attention to nettles. The nettle is a close relative of the weed plant and grows under the same conditions. Anywhere you see a nettle growing is a good place for your feminised seeds. You could either grow it there or use the soil.

4. Be the Fungi and Pest Terminator

It’s always open season against all kinds of fungi and mould. You have to go all John Wick on bud rot and pests before they kill your plants. By paying close attention to the stem inside of the bud, you can discover bud rot early. As for spider mites and other pests, using chemical pesticides isn’t recommended. Prune, hose, use organic insecticides and insecticidal soaps, and essential and horticultural oils.


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Feminised cannabis seeds and auto-flowering seeds by Barneys Farm.

Like winter in the Game of Thrones, seed season is coming! The feminised cannabis strains at the Azarius webshop remain some of the best you can find in all seven kingdoms. Seriously, using our expert eye, we find the best brands with the best strains so our customers can always have access to the best products at all times. We have everything your heart desires. Below are some of our feminised cannabis seeds and you can order them quickly, easily and discreetly at!


Feminised seeds are pretty well established now, which is quite impressive considering that it started as a niche in the cannabis industry a few decades ago. Lots of people thought they were ‘unnatural’ or even ‘unstable’ which were all just myths. The view came from the idea that they were bred from a number of different strains and genes. Well, it’s time to play myth-buster and Azarius is here to debunk all these myths once and for all.

Feminised seeds are genetically unstable: Over the years, breeders have created new cannabis strains and also feminised versions of some of our favourites which are 100% stable: with all benefits included of course. So far, growers and cannabis enthusiasts can attest to the fact that: feminised seeds are potent, stable, successful in producing only female plants that produce bud and are super resilient to changes in the weather conditions. A great example of a feminised strain and very popular in our Azarius webshop is the White Widow from Dutch Passion

Feminised seeds are only for beginners: While growing feminised seeds may save loads of time and energy because you do not have to worry about the males, it doesn’t mean that it’s only for beginners. Feminised seeds are worthy of any grower’s admiration because it is of high quality, is on par with regular seeds and always performs better than auto-flowering seeds. One of the best, easy to maintain, homogenous and fast-flowering in the Azarius collection is the Northern Lights. Check it out!

Feminised seeds are just a trend that will pass: Believe it or not, feminised cannabis seeds have changed the game, and they are the future. Breeders are even making them better and better. The future looks great and demand will only continue to grow. They are quite popular at Azarius, and you are welcome to take a look at our range of feminised seeds.

Myth Status: Debunked!

unpacked barney’s farm cannabis seeds, feminised cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds, barneys autoflower, barneys feminised, barney’s seeds, feminised vs autoflower, cannabis seeds differences, different cannabis seeds, autoflower, regular cannabis seeds
Feminised cannabis seeds and auto-flowering seeds by Barneys Farm unpacked.

So, what do you think about feminised cannabis seeds, and have you tried our strains? We also have some awesome plant food and boosters meant to help germinate your seeds, nurture your fragile roots and grow healthy plants. Check them out!

Check out our seeds for a collection of some of the best products you need to add that extra spark of magic to your life.

Visit the Azarius Seedshop

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