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Peyote: what do you need to know?


By Sara de Waal

In the desert you can remember your name

As all of you trippers out there probably know, in recent decades peyote has become pretty much legendary. Spurred on by the many stories about the psychedelic, mystical and therapeutic effects of the cactus, thousands of psychonauts roam the Mexican desert every year in search of the hallucinogenic plant. After an intimate encounter with the cactus, desert dwellers regularly report having a renewed view on life. Some people experience communication with trees or with old mother earth themselves, while others say they mainly experience powerful visuals. Peyote owes these interesting effects to various psychoactive alkaloids, with mescaline as the main active ingredient[1]. Before you bite the cactus, I would like to tell you some of the most important things to know.

What are the effects of peyote?

As with any drug, the exact effect of peyote differs per person. However, we can tell you that most users experience a fierce but colourful and warm trip, in which they feel more connected to their subconsciousness, nature, time and space. Before the party starts however, there is a chance that you feel slightly sick. It also takes a while before you feel any psychoactive effects, but don’t worry, as the total trip takes many hours: about six to twelve. Are you taking the train to peyoteland? Then you better take the day off, and make sure that there is an experienced (and sober) supervisor.

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Mystic mescalin

Nowadays peyote is popular among backpackers due to the intense trip, but they are certainly not the ones who have discovered this psycho plant. The mescalin cactus has been used for thousands of years in religious rituals by local tribes in Mexico and Texas, where the plant naturally occurs. Because of the sacred status and the important religious role of peyote for members of the Huichol and the Native American Church, they are the only ones allowed to consume peyote according to the law, and then only with religious rituals. For 'ordinary' people it is forbidden to pick, buy or use peyote, although the Mexican authorities usually look the other way.[2]

Peyote in danger

Due to its increased popularity peyote is, unfortunately, becoming scarcer in its natural environment, both in Mexico and in Texas. The slow-growing peyote is picked at too high a pace, which has two reasons. On the one hand, of course, the ever-growing popularity among tourists[3], but on the other hand also the increasing number of members of the Native American Church. Due to the slow pace at which the cactus recovers, the demand is now greater than the supply[4]. In addition, it is very important that peyote is harvested in the right way, so that the root remains intact and the cactus can grow again.[5]   

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Grow your own

So do you want to trip on peyote’s magical mescaline, but do you want to avoid to rip the cactus out of the desert (and save yourself a long trip)? Then take matters into your own hands! Azarius sells peyote seeds with which - with sufficient time and love - you can grow your own juicy cactuses. In our famous Azarius encyclopedia you can read everything about breeding, dosage and effects. Happy tripping!


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