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Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands: Next Event


Following the success of lectures by James W. Jesso and Kilindi Iyi, the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands organizes a third event: an evening with Daniel Waterman.

Daniel Waterman is a British philosopher, artist, writer, freelance researcher and Ayahuasca expert, living in the Netherlands. His book Entheogens, Society & Law was written over the course of thirteen years. This non-academic critique of contemporary discourses on entheogens and psychedelics to date presents a thorough analysis of the role of magical thinking, moral and ideological preferences in the dissemination of conflicting interpretations of psychoactive plants, substances, their uses, users and effects.

Entheogens, Society & Law covers important historical events such as Dutch psychiatrist Jan Bastiaan's use of LSD in the treatment of victims of Nazi persecution and the ensuing political debate in the Netherlands, landmark legal cases of União do Vegetal and Santo Daime, philosophical arguments, medical ethics, religious arguments, the influence of New Age beliefs, and finally takes a critical look at the role of Judeo-Christian moral concepts in the undermining of the relationship between spirituality and ethics in different areas of society.

Join the lecture & discussion on 18 September

Warmoesstraat 112, Amsterdam
Doors open from 18.30
Entrance fee: € 3

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