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Expanding one's consciousness by understanding dreams


We are living in an age where we’re often confronted by beliefs from other cultures. It’s a great challenge for us all to understand, and obtain, core values from cultures that are not our own. It can be of great value when a person is able to develop their own views by gathering knowledge from multiple cultures. Azarius is thankful to provide you with herbs that make it possible to understand otherwise unexplainable events, such as dreams.

lucid dreams

For thousands of years, many American and African tribes have used herbs to induce dreams. Sometimes to cure the ill and sometimes to find back lost property. The Mazatec and Pawnee people of America have been using dream herbs a lot, and the Zulu's in Africa use them as well. Even though they live on different continents, substances such as Calea Zachatechichi, African Dream Root (Silene capensis) and Dream Seeds (Entada rheedii) all made lucid dreaming more accessible to shamans, medicine men and the high priests of those tribes.

dream herbs induced vision questsWhereas divinity in western culture is often achieved through religion, natives throughout America and Africa have used sacred dream herbs to find out the deeper meaning of life. Many spiritual leaders claim to communicate with ancestors, using dream herbs, who help them solve problems. Many diviners mix dream herbs to get the best effects. The name for an African mix of dream herbs is Ubulawu. Ubulawu isn’t merely used to induce lucid dreams, but it’s a multi-faceted tool to connect and communicate with one's ancestral spirits, having visionary and prophetic dreams, divination and finding answers to specific questions. Knowing this, we find it essential to add a large collection of the most potent and sought after dream herbs to our website.

Some dream herbs are scientifically confirmed to contain alkaloids and neurotrophins. This shows that dream herbs contain substances that have an effect on humans. They support the ability to grow new neurons, which alter the perception of life. Dream herbs influence the REM period during one's sleep. In this period, you are in a lighter sleep, and therefore, have a bigger chance of lucid dreaming. Normally dreams are lost in between REM periods. With dream herbs it’s likely you’ll wake up more frequently during the night. This makes it possible to remember what you just dreamed.

Uvuma-omhlope (Synaptolepis kirkii)

The key to lucid dreaming is practice. It’s strongly advised to keep a dream journal in which you write down surrealistic situations that occurred during the dream as soon as you wake up in between REM periods. Trying to imagine what you dream about and having a peaceful mind are essential before going to sleep. Dream herbs can help you get a clearer vision from which you’ll benefit while dreaming.

In the case of some dream herbs, we are still unable to identify the active substances; isolation of any alkaloids has yet to be made. We know they help with lucid dreaming thanks to literature and preserved experiences from previous generations. It helps us to 'see' in a metaphysical sense. Due to the importance of literature on lucid dreaming, we have expanded the book category on the website.

Entada Rheedii African Dream Herb

The use of dream herbs makes it possible to increase our cultural consciousness. By awaking lucid dreams, it’s possible to steer your own thoughts. After much practice you may even have a form of communication with the entities you come across while dreaming. Otherwise lost or forgotten experiences will be remembered in full detail when you wake up. Exploring the inner-self and understanding the complexity of everyday events, with the help of sacred herbs, sure adds many colours to our lives.

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This article also appeared in the summer 2013 Azarius magazine. Click on the link to view the complete magazine (English).

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