BlogSALE: Peyote cluster B-quality (update: sale ended)
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SALE: Peyote cluster B-quality (update: sale ended)


Update 26-8: The sale has ended! Any Peyote you order will now once again be A-quality unless indicated otherwise on the product page.

The cacti are once again in need of your help! This time we’re not talking about the San Pedro puppies but the Peyote cacti clusters.

A small amount of our Peyote cluster stock is showing slight discolouration or a misshapen form and we have decided to brand them ‘B-quality’. We’re offering you these cacti for a special price*:

1 x small Peyote cluster B € 24.50 € 12.25
3 x small Peyote cluster B € 66.00 € 33.00

These B-quality cacti are the same size and just as psychoactive as the regular A-quality, though slightly less appealing to look at. They will still grow and can be harvested after a few years.

*We have a limited supply of B-quality Peyote, offer stands until we run out.

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