BlogModified XTC could be used in cancer treatment
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Modified XTC could be used in cancer treatment


Researchers from Birmingham University claim the active component in XTC, MDMA, could be used to treat several forms of cancer after making it 100 times more effective at suppressing growth.

Ecstasy was already known to be effective against more than half of white blood cell cancers, but previously the large dose required to treat a tumour would also have killed the patient.

In a study that was recently published in the Drug Journal, the researchers said the new drug could be used by doctors to treat cancer if it can be produced in a safe form.

Lead author Professor John Gordon said: "This is an exciting next step towards using a modified form of MDMA to help people suffering from blood cancer.

"While we would not wish to give people false hope, the results of this research hold the potential for improvement in treatments in years to come."


Ecstacy for Post-traumatic stress disorder

Earlier this week an article appeared in which the use of MDMA for treatment of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans’ PTSD is discussed.

As part of daylong psychotherapy sessions, war veterans suffering from post traumatic stress receive a low dose of MDMA in a controlled setting.

Read the full article: The Agony and the Ecstasy: The Quiet Mission to Fight PTSD With Psychedelic Drugs.

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