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Bill of insanity


It seems to be a fact: from January 2004 on it will be illegal to smoke in coffeeshops in the Netherlands! I mean, can our law be more mental?
All is according the Bill of Tobacco, due next year. The aim of the Bill is to provide a smoking free environment for employees at their workplace.
Our government does realize that a total prohibition of smoking in the catering industry will be a complete disaster for that branch (and our economy is already one big mess!). Introduction of the new law will be delayed for pubs, restaurants etc, but a coffeeshop (the legal spot to smoke your cannabis) is not part of the catering industry and has no excuses not to obey the law. But the main business for a coffeeshop is to be a smoking house!
Is this a way for our government to get rid off the coffeeshops and to recriminalise cannabis?

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