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Tripping with morning glory

Me and my friend ate 10 grams of these seeds at 7pm. 8 pm my were legs hurt really bad! My friend did not have any pain on his legs but he said his stomatch was really ill. 9 pm we felt really happy, I mean REALLY, my face was just like this :D, all the time, my friend felt this feeling too. 10 pm we had very very big trips, inside our heads, I can not explain it, you must try it your self, one thing I can say, my friend said that he felt like jesus :D, it wass wierd but I did belive him. 12 pm my friend left to his house and i went to bed. I was still trippin at 2 am then I went to sleep. My friend told that he was trippin too at 2 am. Next morning I woke up at 10 am, so I was sleeping about 8 hours, and I was really ill, I did not want to walk or anything, I was just lying on my bed, I was lying there for about 2 hours and then my cellphone rings, it was my friend, I took the 10 grams seeds with him. He was coming to my house, we ate and then I felt good again. What can I say, it was a really trippy experience, you must try it yourself at least one time. No visuals, you're tripping inside your head, and that's different to mushrooms.

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