ExperiencesMushrooms Psilocybe Cubensis
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Can Barley explan it

Well I bought an Ounce of ‘shrooms one day and decided to have a big mushroom fest with a bunch of my friends. Two of my friends also did a HQ and one of my other friend had 2 grams or so. It took about 30 min for it to kick and we were all giggly and kind off drunk off then. We waited nearly 3 hours before smoking our first joint (with is a hell of a long time). At first I started to see cool little patterns everywhere and my arms had this weird glow all around them. Just Before we finished our spliff my buddy who had the same amount as me hit the ground. As we helped him up he kept repeating "where am I" and shit like that. I got him away from everyone else and he kept falling over all of a sudden. I made him sit down and I started to tell him that there's no way of an overdose and that it's all in his head. I could tell that he was totally in a different place but eventually he calmed down and had a very visual trip. Now he weighs probably like 140 lbs or so... is that too much mushshrooms for a guy his size? I had an Amazing trip though... best trip of my life probably.

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