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All in one night!

So I heard about these seeds that make you trip like hell if you eat enough! I didn’t actually know anybody who has ever done them, so I was kind of skeptical but I’ve done plenty of mushrooms and other drugs so I figured I could handle it. I went to a local K-mart gardening section - just after spring the seed rack was still there -and I went for the goods, ripping open about 12 packs and dumping them into one and quietly leaving. I went home; grinded them up in a wheat grinder used for homemade flower, ate them with a spoon and washed them down with chocolate milk I must say it was horrible and the thought of it to this day makes me gag. 6:30; the last of the nasty powder is down. I go to my friend’s house not knowing what to expect. We decide to go to a movie. On our way we approach a large curve in the road at the exact moment that my body decides it has had enough of this awful substance and I puke out my window. Unable to make the turn, I jumped my car off a 4 ft dirt hill, fucked it up pretty good, some people stopped but we sent them away because my car was still drivable. We bag the movie idea and go to a nearby pond to wash my car and smoke some bowls. We go back to my friend’s house but on the way we stop to look at the crash site again. Like it couldn’t get worse a cop is there and starts asking questions. By this time I’m starting to trip, he makes me do field sobriety tests and tries pulling some shit about not reporting an accident with some other shit, but I explained to him that it didn’t involve anyone else, nobody got hurt and damage was minimal, and anyway he didn’t search us, luckily, but gave me a fix it ticket for my windshield. So now I’m starting to feel it more. I get to Ted’s and we’re in his room, and I’m explaining to him that even though I just threw up I’m still going to trip like hell, and then all hell broke loose. I was so uncomfortable, and it felt as if everybody could hear what I was thinking. My friend put on a movie, “Austin Powers Gold Member” and I’ve seen that movie tons, but the movie we were watching was different than ever before. I had a hard time focusing, and then Ted turned off the TV so we could only hear it talk (and I couldn’t talk but I could think), and it would come out of the speakers, and I was arguing with the gods and I was one of them, and we were in a great chamber at a large table, and they were trying to tell me that I was a god and that everything I did affected another me in another realm, and anyway I was talking to my friend Ted without saying a word, only through the speakers and my body language, and he was just staring at me, like he was experiencing the same thing but trying to maintain my sanity. I kept testing this phenomenon again and again, and it was so real but this was just the beginning. It was only 8:00; I still had a good six hours too go. I told Ted to turn off the fucking movie because it was just too intense. Only to find that I could not turn off the intensity. It was everywhere; everything was pointed at me. So here I was, trapped in a house that was really messy, and I felt filthy with vomit on my shirt. It's unclear to me the order in which these events took place, but we went outside for a walk, yeah, I said: ‘I just need to go on a walk’ So we went and smoked some more bowls, but it didn’t seem to make any effect to me. We talked on a variety of subjects, and met up with too other kids. Now Ted lives out in a rural town, so we were just walking down the road, smoking weed and talking deep, and it all seemed like a movie. Everything I said was perfect, I was a director and an actor, I don’t know, it was genius. We left back too his house, and the more intense it got, the more evil it got. I began noticing evil spirits, and they began talking too me. I couldn’t get away, no matter what I did, I could not get away. I began to get annoyed, and angry, at one point it seemed like Ted was following me and I couldn’t get away from him. It felt like some thing was taking over me, and I wanted to hit him and I yelled at him. Then he looked frightened and I snapped back, apologized and asked if I could be alone. So I went on a walk, and oh, oh, oh! I almost forgot, this whole time that we were outside - since we turned the movie off - a storm was coming, oh, man! What a storm! No rain, no wind, just lightning and tons of it all around, and directly over me. It was the biggest lighting storm in our valley that I can remember! Coincidence? So this whole time it’s only getting worse, more demons, and I’m starting to feel horrible. I go back to the house for a drink, and see how Ted’s doing. It’s about 9:30. There was a poker game on TV, and I could determine who got to win the demons, and it was tripping me out. I probably tested it 5 times. Every time the guy I wanted to win won. Then during the breaks the commercials were so intense I had to leave. It seemed as if everything I did was being watched or was some kind of bet, and everyone was counting on me. I couldn’t get away. I went to Ted’s room and put my face in my hands, and it got more intense. Evil spoke and I felt as if I were in hell. I was no longer on Earth. I felt sick to my stomach and I saw all of these sins and bad things I had done in my life. Everything, all the people I had hurt, all the shit I stole, the drugs I’d done, I felt sick, unworthy to live. I was in hell and I wanted out. The demons told me if I wanted out to just kill myself, but then that was enough to realize that I wasn’t dead yet. This it was enough to keep me safe but did not stop the fact that I was in hell. Ted was with me and I asked him how long I’d been here. He calmly looked at his watch and said two hours. He was trying too pin a blanket over his window. It looked as if he was trying to keep something out, and my mind took off with it. Since I was in hell I could only suspect that there were worse things out there trying to get in. I still felt as if I could not escape these voices. We went outside and Ted had to help his dad. I noticed an old camper and thought to myself ‘If I could only go in there I would be free’, so I did. On my way in I noticed a latch on the door. When I got inside some one turned on some head lights shining into the camper and I realized it was a trick but it was too late. Something took over me. I watched as the lock slammed shut with a pad lock. Then, as if my worst nightmares were a reality, it kicked over some cans of fuel and I watched everything burst into flames. I yelled out ‘I'm gonna fucking kill you’. I was not in control. It wasn’t me it. It was the scariest thing in my life. I regained control, there were no more flames, and I got out of there in a hurry. Well there’s a lot more to the story, but I got to go. If you want to hear the rest e-mail me at [email protected]

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