ExperiencesSalvia Divinorum
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Out in a second . . .

I try salvia 5x alot and every time i have a great experience. I think you shouldn't smoke it in a joint but in a pipe, inhale deep try to inhale all the smoke and hold the smoke as long as you can. Works every time and blows my mind. The trips are allways different, deep color hallucinations, extreme lauching, flying strange dimensions, seeing through people... and its like lady salvia is there to watch over you its like she teaches you, oooh i love her hehehe!! Really, i think it works very good, but some of my friends dont feel a thing too, i m not sure but i think it just doesnt work if youre not serious with it, if you have no respect for it and use it just to get high you wont get a single thing out of it.

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