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First time

Me and my two friends Josh and Evan were going to a Mushroomhead, Dope and Twisted Method concert and decided ‘Hey it’s Mushroomhead, why not go on mushrooms?’. Me and Josh had never taken them before, and Evan had taken them once, so I had no idea what to expect. We had bought 20 dollars worth and decided to eat them in the show, so we could hit the peak during Mushroomhead's performance. To sneak them in Josh stored them in an Altoids container, which he hid in his shoe to get them passed security, which he complained about the whole time in line. Once we got in the show we soberly enjoyed Twisted Method and part took in the mosh pit. In the pit a big guy had knocked me down causing my nose to bleed, I covered it up and continued to mosh, he was sorry so he gave me and Josh some hits of his joint (Evan was in re-hab and couldn't smoke). After Twisted Method set, we went to the side and ate all but 2 stems and a cap and a half. We decided to go sit by the bathrooms to get some air and wait. After 40 Below Summer started and were two or so songs into their set, we got up and decided to go stand near the stage to see them play. I began to get a very intense 'marijuana like' body high, and we decided to listen for a while and sat down next to the bathrooms again. During this time we began to laugh over everything and nothing, also Evan’s make-up to resemble the lead singer began to trip me out. At some point the singer of the band announced he wanted a circle pit to occur, Evan started to become paranoid that the mushrooms would show up in his UA test, and wanted to exercise it out of his system. So he convinced Josh to go into the circle pit (I was way too high). I continued to sit by the bathrooms and laugh to myself. They came back shortly and we sat together until a large crowd began to converge on the bathrooms (the set was up). Evan went into the bathrooms and came out yelling there was a line to hit this 3 foot bong. I had to see this, I went in and saw nothing of the sort and just assumed he was tripping out. We then went over near the bar where we could sit on a ledge below it and see the stage (we also became nervous of the gathering people). Waiting for Dope to come on we talked, mainly me and Josh. We were both spouting off random lines from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and this seemed to upset Evan. During this time many odd events occured; Evan began to think Josh was a country singer named Liayl Lovett, a man vomited and it looked very white and shiny, a spilled drink's contents moved across the floor and began to turn into the images of snakes, I also experimented on the ability to remember basic things on shrooms, so I asked Josh his school schedule. This took some time for us both, to coeherently say our entire schedule. The thing that bugged me the most during this time was that I saw a colorful hologramic picture above the bar, and I don’t know if it was real or not. Also while waiting for Dope, Evan and Josh conversed with some people we just met, I had no interest and don’t remember the conversation in detail. Finally Dope comes on, their set has rocks and barbed wire and looks cool, nothing exciting happens until they play a cover of the 80's hit ‘You Spin Me Right Round, Baby’, I thought I was back in an 80's club, very odd, yet cool feeling. Their set ends and I for some reason don’t remember waiting for Mushroomhead (some events during my Dope set wait could have happened during this time). When Mushroomhead came on I was in my own world, Evan leaves to mosh and stand closer (how I don’t know) and Josh eventually leaves, even though he's 10 feet away, if that, and I feel all alone and isolated. This was unpleasant but I pushed passed it and the music meshed into one song I only clearly remember, ‘Sun Dosent Rise’ (which I get a warm fuzzy panicky feeling everytime I hear it now), and their cover of ‘Another Brick In The Wall, part 3’. At some point the singer of 40 Below Summer crowd surfed and looked like Jesus, it was weird. The one other unpleasant part was when I was coming down off the peak, my mind began to think I would never be the same, but overall it was a lot of fun. After the show we met outside and hung out for a long time in downtown Seattle, waiting for Evan’s mom to pick us up. While we were standing there still in a little high, we saw the bassist or guitarist for Mushroomhead and we said ‘Hi’, nothing much. We also met a Mexican or native American bum, who thought he was an eagle, that was pretty funny. Also during this time Evan gave away for free the last of the shrooms, ‘cause he was still high and had the mentality that we were all brothers. This is the end of my first mushroom trip.

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