ExperiencesSalvia Divinorum
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beats every other substance!!!

This is the best i have ever tried. Smokes the extract about 10 times now, and evertime you are swapped away just by one hit of the extract. Sometimes i prefer the leaves because you can adjust the dosage more easily. The leaves are excellent in a joint for example to go for a walk with the dog. You are there, but also you aren't there, quite a strange feeling. The extract is just to get out in a second; light, hit and bang, there comes the hammer to knock you in your sofa. Ate 3 g leaves one time, but i had no effect on that. One time when we ate shrooms (Philosepher's Stones) i had a hit of the extract, that was awesome, i really met Lady Salvia, i was a little being that was welcomed in "her" world, like a little star in a huge universe. Prefer to smoke it in the dark, with a few candles and music from Plastikman. It is really overwhelming stuff. Could go on for hours, JUST TRY it and you will confirm this report. Goin for a walk with the dog now. :)

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